Answers Revealed!

The day (post :oops:) you’ve been waiting for, the answers! 🙂

Good job for Iesha, Jess, Tessa and Brooklyn.

Iesha got four questions right, answered all of them.

Jess got four questions right, answered five.

Tessa got six questions right, answered all of them.

Brooklyn got three answers right, answered all of them.


I will just have the question in blue, then answers pink.

What do horses wear on their backs?


How long can the average whale stay in the water, before coming up for air?

Two hours/ 20 mins

What T.V show did Reece Mastin win?


What’s my new pony’s name?

Nim/ Nimrod/ Nimrod Nelson Mendela

What website can you find all different kinds of videos on, and download your own?


What’s the square rout of 16?

4 (good job for the people that tried)

How many people have walked on the moon?


Bye for now! 🙂

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What’s the Answer?

This post is going to be about questions, with you answering them in your comments! 🙂

Well I’m going to write/type down a couple questions, and you have to answer them. Some might be in other posts that I wrote, or something else like ‘what’s 94 – 71.’






Here they are!

What do horses wear on their backs?

How long can the average whale stay in the water, before coming up for air?

What T.V show did Reece Mastin win? (I’m not much of a fan, I don’t know why I asked that question) 😆

What’s my new pony’s name?

What website can you find all different kinds of videos on, and download your own?

I know I shouldn’t be doing this, but it’s all for the people that really LOVE and are really good at maths. What’s the square rout of 16?

How many people have walked on the moon?

I will announce all the winners once most of the questions have been answered, or if it’s been a while. 🙂


Comment on:

Can you answer any of these questions?

What’s your favourite question?

Do you you have any questions for me to answer?

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R.I.P Aunty Shearly

On November the 11th, my Aunt Shearly passed away. 😥 We were planning to go see her in Canberra for that very last time, as she was very old. We were packed and rented a new bigger car, it just cost too much to fly. As we went to pick it up, we got a phone call from our grandpa, she passed away. 🙁

We might be going to to her funral soon, we’re still going to canberra, just to support the family.

There’s a saying, when someone dies peacefully, it hurts their friends and family more than it ever hurts them.

But she will be in a happy place, a new family probably, and our other uncle (her husband of course).

It’s not the longest post, but I can’t go on any further. 🙁


Have you ever had a family member die?

Have you gone a long way just to see a person?

I hope she’ll be happy, I don’t think that she would of wanted us to see her in a state like she was when she passed away.

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Oh, No! And… Yay!

I bet I know what your thinking, what would that title mean? Well here it goes.

On Melbourne Cup day, I missed the day of school because we were going to test out some horses for sale! 🙂 We had a two and a half hour drive past Melbourne and into the country. I had my mum’s laptop, my Ipod and a book. I almost slept half the time, but my excitment kept me awake.

The first horse was, Sweet Sorento Moon, he was so beautiful, but a little awkward to ride. When you were riding him, it felt like he was going to trot or whatever gait was next, so it would be hard to tell if he would spook or bolt on you. But then he started to trot off on me, then he had a little canter I think, and before I knew it, I was on the ground winded. My lower back was so sore, I couldn’t even sit down and relax, so the ride home was uncomfortable.

 Despite my pain, we stopped at another little place on the way home. There was a little New Forest pony there. His name was, Nim. I couldn’t download any photos, but he sort of looks like this, exept for the star on his forehead:





Found on flickrcc. net 

He’s five years old (a little young) and was so adorable. I couldn’t ride, but my younger sister did. He was very quiet and looked perfect, a black body and light brown around his eyes and muzzle (nose).                                                                                                                     My dad went somewhere with the owner and came back saying he was ours! :)We came up with a three barreled name, Nimrod Nelson Mandela, it is a little weird, but it suits him. 🙂


Have you ever had a bad and good day together?

Have you ever taken a long car trip to somewhere, and it didn’t go to plan?

Have you ever been so excited you couldn’t sleep?

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The Melbourne Cup!

This post is about the… Melbourne Cup! Well, you could tell the post is about the Melbourne Cup because of the heading, why am I saying this? “Cough, cough”

The Melbourne Cup is the best known race in Australia, it’s held on the first Tuesday of November every year. It’s also known as “the race that stops the nation.”


Image: Horse racing

Sadly, I couldn’t find the horses that are racing this year, but I will tell you the winners of the Melbourne Cup in the past ten years.

  • Dunaden (2011)
  • Americain (2o10)
  • Shocking (2009)
  • Viewed (2008)
  • Efficient (2007)
  • Delta Blues (2006)
  • Makybe Diva (2005)
  • Makybe Diva (2004)
  • Makybe Diva (2003)
  • Media Puzzle (2002)

Makybe Diva has won the Melbourne three times! Wow,  and Media Puzzle won the same year I was born.

Some of the most famous race horses are Phar Lap, Seabiscuit, Secretariat, Black Caviar and that’s about all that I know.


Have you or are you going to the Melbourne Cup?

Do you know any facts about it?

What horse are you or did you go for?

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Cyber Safety

I would just like to say, “Don’t cyber bully!” It’s bullying but on the computer, texting and mostly techology from which we communicate.  It is serious and if it continues, people may be hurt.

Sometimes, you can be cyber bullying and not even know it. That’s hard to believe, but it can happen, so always have a second thought before you submit or send something.


There are different types of cyber bullying.


There’s gossip, that means things like spreading rumors, saying mean things about you and even turning the truth into something different.


Impersonating is going online and pretending to be someone else and stealing passwords or logins and changing details.


Have you ever been cyber bullied? (hopefully not)

Did you know the meaning of ‘Cyber Bullying’ yet?


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My Favourite Computer Games and Blogs!

Well, I was thinking of my favourite computer games and blogs then remembered a new blog post was due, then I thought of this!

To start off with blogs, I like ones that are usually up to date, but like to keep reading some other posts that have been up for a while.

Here are my top 5:

Tessa Time

4KM and 4KJ

Smiling with Sophie

Skye’s Super Blog

Living with Liv

I would love to put all of my favourite blogs up, but the post would be way too long or look messy.

And my favourite computer games would be:

Howrse (it’s supposed to be spelt like that)

Andcon Arcade

Horse games

My riding stables 2 (it’s like a game on bigpond, so there’s not really a link 😳 )

10 Fast Fingers

There’s a lot more games that I like (a lot more educational games).


What are your favourite blogs/virtual games?

Do you know any of these  computer games?

Would you recommened any games or sites to someone?


Bye for now! 🙂

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Happy click to generate your own textclick to generate your own textclick to generate your own textclick to generate your own textclick to generate your own textclick to generate your own textclick to generate your own textclick to generate your own textclick to generate your own text Birthday Warrick!

I’d just like to say happy Birthday Warrick! Warrick is my brother that just turned thirteen.

On the 1st of October, 10:56 my brother, Warrick was born. This morning I had a count down (by my self) to 10:56, then finally the time arrived.  My brother was thirteen!

For his Birthday he just got a phone. We don’t have lots of money at the moment and a phone is really the only thing that he’s interested in and the biggest thing that we can get him. But my Grandma and Grandpa sent over $100 from Queensland! 🙂 So he’s going birthday shopping today.

He thinks he should have his party at Timezone. He’s been there  many times and never gets bored with it! 🙂


When is your birthday?

What did you get or want for your Birthday?

What’s your favourite place to have a party?

Have you been to a party this year?

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Funny Animal Of The Week!

Now that the fortnightly animal profile is over, I’ve decided to do something new. It’s the funny animal of the week! over the weeks I will try keep up to date with this. I will have a vote on what the next animal should be, then I will try find the funniest photo of the animal on flickrCC (a website for photos).

If you have ANY questions, please leave them in a comment. 

Here is the first funny animal of the week:




 Image: ‘Don’t you Knock?!
Found on

Hope you found it funny! 😆

I found it so funny that I made a joke about it, here it is.

Lizard: “Well, I think that this toilet is pretty neat.”

Toilet Owner: “Aaaaaahhhhhhhh! Richard, it’s so ugly!”

Lizard: “Well I thought that it would be a great place to live in.”

The toilet owner scooped it out of the toilet and threw it outside.

Lizard: “Oh, you ment me, that was dramatic.”


I bet you thought that the post was over, but It’s still going! I don’t know how to put on a poll, but I’m just going to read the votes in the comments.


 Should the next animal be:

A. Dog

B. Cat

C. Bird

D. Fish

E. Horse

F. Guini Pig/Hamster


                                    Comment on:

                                  What did you vote for?

                               Do you have any pets? 

                      What’s your favourite animal?

Can you come up with a funny joke about the lizard?

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Animal Profile: Chester


 Sorry this one is late, the internet has been down and I coudn’t change the post 🙁

Here’s the second animal profile! This one is about my cat, Chester. I’m not so sure what his breed is, but want to. My sister and I got him for our birthday in 2011. He’s a gray and white cat, gray fur on top and white on the bottom. He even has a little gray spot under his chin that looks like a beard! I like to snuggle up to his ‘half’ coat if he comes to lie down with me. When I say half coat I mean that we got his belly shaved some time ago because it got very matted.









P.S He’s not shaved in this photo.

Chester is the first cat that I’ve ever had. At first we would’nt really allow him to go outside in the neighbours backyard because they have a dog that sounds dangerous and didn’t want to take the risk. But that was when he was a kitten, now he is a big fluffball that comes back home with wattle in his coat! 😆


                                                                         Comment on:

                                                             Do you have a cat/kitten?

                                                     Do you like the animal profile?

                                                   Is there something funny or

                                                special about your pet?    





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