The Internet is back, and a new house!

Hey human beings and people of a different life form! 🙂 Well the internet is back! *Nerdy fist pump to the air*

So I can actually publish comments and posts at a normal time! 🙂 Well over the weeks my parents have decided to sell the house! I’m really happy with the house we’re leasing. My parents are going to lease it for about two years, while we buy our own land and build our own house. We’re moving in on Wednesday (12th of march.)

 The house we’ll be living in is actually made out of hay and clay! But it looks like a normal farm-y house, there are bales of straw inside the walls. The straw makes it like a natural air conditioner. When it’s freezing outside, it makes the house feel warm, and when it’s hot outside, it makes it feel cool. I’ll have to share a room with my sister *mourning by myself thinking of the dread of having to share a room* also.

We have cattle at the house, and room for two horses! So I’ll definitely be bringing Surey (my horse) down and keeping her there for a while! 🙂

We get to grow our own food on the farm-y land too! It has grapes, strawberries, corn, pears, garlic, onions, cucumber, apples, and lots more!


The only downsides are that:


  1. I’m REALLY going to miss my old house
  2. With the cattle, we have to sell them to the market
  3. I have to share a room with my little sister
  4. We’re on rainwater, which means no more long showers! No! 🙂


The upsides are:

  1. We’ll have fresh food
  2. We have cows to look after
  3. The house is pretty big
  4. I can have Surey at home! 😆 :mrgreen:


Well that’s all I’ve really got to say!

Have you ever moved houses before?

Do you like you house?

What’s you dream house?

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4 Responses to The Internet is back, and a new house!

  1. Demi says:

    Wow!! You certainly have a lot going on at the moment! Do you have any other animals? I have chickens at home – but they are more like humans!! Are you having to do more chores with the animals and the house?

    🙂 – Demi!

    • Bronte says:

      Dear Demi,
      thank you lots for a comment! 🙂
      I don’t have too many more chores to do around the house, I have to roll out the hay with my brother, keep me and my sister’s room clean, and try not attack her when she gets really annoying. :\

      We have 2 cats and a dog, they’re the only other animals we have. I really want to keep my horse, Surey, at our new home, but we don’t have a float to bring her over in, but I’d like to have a paddock sleep-over with my friend (a paddock sleep-over is a horse sleep-over) and her horse. She has a float and we keep our horses at the same lpace, so maybe I can get her over that way. :mrgreen:

      Thanks for visiting! 🙂
      -Bronte 😉 😆

  2. Demi! says:

    Same with my brother! He gets annoying sometimes but I suppose he is good for company and practising karate on! (Not that I do karate!) We were going to move to the bushland and have heaps of animals but we decided against it and live well in our little house. I wish we lived on a farm – soooooooo many animals to look after and places to hide from my brother!
    If you would like to see my blog, here is the code:

    😉 – Demi!
    P.S. Love to see you on my blog!! I try and post reguarly. I will try and come on yours heaps as well!

  3. Kianne says:

    Dear Bronte,
    You are so lucky because living in a farm is like living in a rich mansion. Your farm got like everything and your house is really good because like what you said if it’s hot outside your house in the inside feels cool and if it’s freezing your house feels so warm. I wish my house is like yours. I also have pets. I have 2 puppies but they died. I want to stay in a house like yours and also want to have horses because they are cool. Speak to you soon!

    P.S I like your blog. Your theme looks good and it’s great that you keep on updating others in your blog.

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