The internet is down.

So hi! I haven’t been on lots and LOTS, but I’m determined to keep going! 🙂 The internet isn’t working in my house and we’re getting it back soon (well, like, a month.)

I’m writing this from school, so I’ll get what I have to say out! 🙂

Well happy new year! I’m so happy this year because I’ve got my own horse, it’s my last year of primary school! (Goodbye primary school! 🙂 ) and most of all…..

It’s the year of the horse!

I’m really enjoying grade 6 so far! The things that I’m looking forward to in school are:

Going to Canberra

Interschool sport

More homework than last year! (Not)


Well I have to go now, I’ll go on my blog as much as I can from now on! 🙂

P.S If you leave a comment, it may not be approved for a while.

P.P.S Juddy was here. :mrgreen:





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3 Responses to The internet is down.

  1. Nadia says:

    Wow! You got your own horse. lucky!

  2. Ava says:

    Hi Bronte,

    Wow! You have got your own horse congratulations! I was wondering is it that horse you were looking after this year because the owner is in year 12 and she has to study! Anyway if it is a new horse you have to tell me about it. 😛 What breed, colour etc.! 🙂

    Who is Juddy? Is he your new horse. 🙂

    Got to gallop,

    • Bronte says:

      Dear Ava,
      hey! 🙂 Thanks for a comment! We were being silly in class when I was writing the post, and my friends and I decided to but total freaks and put the name of my friend’s cat on it, Juddy. That’s why I wrote “Juddy was here.”

      Well my (sort of mine) horse is a mare called Surey. She’s 15.2hh hands (Almost 15.3hh), and her breeds are Appaloosa, Paint, Quarter Horse, and Thoroughbred. Her coat is chestnut, but she has a stripe on her face, 8 small dots (Appaloosa) behind where the saddle would be, and a small faded white patch (Paint) on her shoulder.
      The Quarter Horse takes over all the breeds, so she’s a western pleasure horse. When you ride her, she has a her head down right down, her nose can almost touch the ground. Though I’m working on bringing it back up slowly, so I can maybe work on collecting her and getting into a frame. If you just pull her head up straight away, she panicks.
      Surey doesn’t really jump, she does jump, but she cat-leaps. She just doesn’t like jumping, so I might work with her on that in time. 🙂
      She’s not a very fit horse. Her real owners actually live in Melbourne, but they have a holiday house down here that they stay at, and they ride her on weekends and holidays. She gets really, really grumpy if you ride her for longer than half an hour, so we keep the rides short.
      She’s 9 years old, too.

      Well, got to trot! 🙂
      -Bronte :mrgreen: 😆

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