FOR SALE: Black mare, 13.1hh

Ruby is a black mare (one white sock), 13.1hh.


Ruby is great to load and unload on the float, travels quietly and copes well in different locations such as shows and Pony Club ect…

This pony is best suited with a confident child or smaller adult rider wanting a versatile and robust allrounder.

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Price: $5000

She will be sold with all gear: Saddle, bridle, bit, rugs ect…

Victoria, Geelong. Please call Elfreda on :   0438 585 119


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  1. Ava says: Reply

    To Bronte,

    It sounds like Ruby is a really nice pony. It’s also a good price to that shes quite easy to handle and she comes with all her tack!

    I’m sorry that this is a short comment. I guess I don’t really have much write.

    Got to Gallop,

    1. Bronte says: Reply

      Dear Ava,

      thanks for another comment!
      Well, Ruby can really naughty. She’s not very easy to handle, and can get really girthy at times. But she’s at Wallington Park! My friend keeps her at Wallington, she has a paddock for a horse at her house, but it gets lonely, so they came to Wallington Park.

      -Bronte :mrgreen:

      1. Ava says: Reply

        Hi Bronte,

        Thanks for the reply! I love leaving comments on your blog. Guess why. Because there is posts about horses and ponies on most of the time.

        Oh, She sounds like a really nice pony.

        No pony likes to be lonely! It’s good she keeps Ruby at Wallington Park. I’m sure Ruby would have found a really nice pony friend.

        Got to Gallop,

  2. Tessa P. (author of TessaTime of course!) says: Reply

    Ello Bronte! Its TESSA! Sorry I haven’t droppedin but school and family problems have kept me busy! Have a fabulous day.

    -Tessa :mrgreen:

    1. Bronte says: Reply

      Dear Tessa,
      well I haven’t had a chat with you for a long time! Sorry I haven’t been leaving comments on your blog, but I do check up on it every once and a while.
      -Bronte :p 🙂 :mrgreen:

      1. Tessa says: Reply

        No problem! I’ve been having no time to myself.

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