Big Jump = Broken Arm. I’m So Enthusiastic Right Now! Not.

So, I had a little accident, not pee your pants or anything, just a really bad horse riding fall!


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So, my most recent fail is a broken arm. I had a little accident when jumping my horse.  It was three days ago. I was riding at my friends place, and I decided to go over a jump on Nim, thinking it was safe, I approached it. Next thing I’m air-born sliding off the saddle, landing on my shoulder. I was on the ground with my friend’s mum unable to get up for three hours while waiting for the ambulance! 🙁 

 It turned out that the top of my humorous bone had snapped! I JUST slipped out of having to get surgery.

 After we got home from the hospital, it took me five mins to get out of the car it hurt so much! But the best thing’s that I was on the radio! They were talking about how long it takes the ambulance to arrive to some patients and then they started talking about this girl who fell off her horse in a paddock at Swan Bay road behind a café, that’s where I fell off! My friend’s mum owns a café that’s at the front of their house, and it’s on Swan Bay road!

Well, the horses can’t feed themselves!

Have you ever been badly injured before?


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  1. Jordi says: Reply

    Wow Bronte!!

    Are you alright…?

    I have broke my finger once and it was this year.!.! My sister hit it by accident and it broke. It was my little finger so it just SNAPPED. Worst thing I had to have surgery 🙁 . I was out for weeks but I was horse riding with a cast on. (always on the lead).


    1. Bronte says: Reply

      Dear Jordi,
      I remember seeing your broken finger. My friend rode her pony with a broken arm on and she cantered with a cast on!

      I’m out of riding for two or three months!
      And can’t jump for about seven months! 😥 🙁

      The horses can’t feed themselves! ( That’s my new saying for when I have to)

  2. Ava says: Reply

    Hi Bronte,

    Oww, That must of hurt! Are you alright? I would hate to fall off a horse and brake my arm. You must be really brave and I bet in seven months you will hop back on Nim and get back into your jumping! I think and I hope so.

    I haven’t hurt myself by falling off a horse but when I was born my hip wasn’t in the right place. it was a bit down on my leg which would look really weird. I had plaster on my leg with a metal bar between and it got taken off in 8 months.

    I hope you’re alright! I hope your arm gets better and you get back on Nim and jump over that jump!

    Got to Gallop,

    1. Bronte says: Reply

      Dear Ava,
      Thank you for a comment!
      I’m so sad that I broke my arm, because I’m going to the Winter Wooley’s show tomorrow and my mum is going in it, not me, because I can’t run or ride. 🙁 🙁 🙁

      Well, I feel, somewhat… Broken, meaning no better.

      My worst other injury falling off a horse was when I went to try out this four year old gelding for sale, and there was lots of thunder going on, no rain. But just as I started my second trot on him, he bolted (from the lightening) and bucked (from energy) and I fell off on my butt! 😆
      But I broke my tail bone. 😥 AND it was PAIN–FULL!

      Well, the horses can’t feed themselves!

      1. Ava says: Reply

        Hi Bronte,

        Thanks for the reply and sorry I couldn’t reply soon enough and I hope you had fun at that show! Did you?

        Oww, that must of hurt a lot. Falling off a horse is no fun at all. My worst fall would have to be on Kahluha. (old wallington park pony). I was having my first Christmas Part at Wallington and it was my turn to canter. Before I was about to leave a girl who had just finished riding Bridget came right up next to Kahluha and kicked Kahluha. I was only seven then by the way. She started bolting around the arena into a really fast canter and I started slipping down the side of her just then my leg had had slipped right into the stirrip and I was getting dragged along still holding onto the reins. Finally my leg came freed because the stirrip leathers had came off and I fell right on my bum but I had a really soar arm! I lost all of my confidence and didn’t back to riding until I was seven and half.

        Got 2 Gallop,
        Ava and Beau (horse)

        1. Bronte says: Reply

          Dear Ava,

          I DO NOT BLAME YOU FOR NOT RIDING FOR SO LONG AFTER THAT FALL! I know how that feels to lose all confidence. It’s horrible to think that one minute you’re doing jumping courses to perfection, then the other you see horse and you feel, distressed. 🙁 There have been SO many times that has happened to me (losing ALL confidence.)
          My first one was when I was riding my pony, well, 13.3hh and three quarters. So I was cantering on her, and I was JUST keeping my balance, because her canter THROWS you out of the saddle, then all of a sudden, she spooked at this giant moth in the arena, and I slipped off and fell on my back. That was my very first fall out of a saddle. I didn’t ride for like two/three months after that. Then whenever I rode her again, I had a really bad experience, like almost falling off. Again.

          Then I fell off a horse called Sorrento, that I was trying out for sale. He spooked at some lightning (there was a rainless storm going on) and he bolted, pigrooted, and I fell off on my butt. Not. Funny. I broke my tail bone, and it was PAINFUL!

          Then there came this one, I’ve had so many bad experiences, I’m not scared of anything, I don’t feel nervous about getting back on, in fact, I’m excited!

          The show was so hectic! My mum only got first places, and two champions! When my mum got her second champion, someone said that she already got a champion in a ridden class, and the rule was only one champion per lead classes, ridden classes.

          The horses won’t feed themselves!

          1. Ava says:

            Hi Bronte,

            Thanks for the reply and sorry for this late reply to you.

            Yeah, you know what its like to loose all of your confidence when you fall off and in fact last Saturday I fell off Beau! We were having a canter around the show jumping arena to cool out and Beau thought we were going over the jump. A REALLY HIGH JUMP! I had to do a quick turn and he threw his head up, pig rooted and did a mini buck and I slid right of with a big THUD! I wasn’t hurt at all and I got straight back on and finished off my lap of cantering. PHEW! I DIDN’T LOOSE MY CONFIDENCE! I was doing a full day then I was riding Storm in the afternoon it was so funny because he was cantering and actually jumping over the trotting poles! It was hilarious, even Billy was laughing!!

            Sounds like your mum did a pretty good jump. Which horse did she ride? Wait your three horses names are Merry Legs, Nim and A- something. Sorry I’m a bit confused and not quite sure.

            Got to Gallop,

          2. Bronte says:

            Dear Ava,
            that’s OK.
            It’s Merry-legs, Nim, and Aadessa. She took Merry-legs in the show. She wouldn’t take Aadessa to a show! Aadessa is way too big (16.2hh), and her last owners never took her to shows. So she might go crazy because she hasn’t been to one for so long.
            Also, Nim is just trouble (and there wasn’t enough room in the float!)
            And Nim and Aadessa are down at our friends property for 2-3 months because it’s just too expensive to keep them at Wallington Park, and they need a rest.

            I saw that you fell off Beau on your blog. I hate falling off big horses. but I like it. With big horses, you fall off and hit the ground harder, but you have more time to roll, or get into a better position (so you don’t get hurt as bad) because they’re taller. With small horses, you don’t hit the ground as hard, but you don’t have time to get into a better position.

            The horses can’t feed themselves!

  3. Gabrielle says: Reply

    Hi Bronte,
    You don’t know me, I red your blog it’s cool. I’m sad to hear that you broke your arm, I hope it doesn’t hurt too badly. I once fell off my horse at my farm on my back. It hurt but I didn’t have to go to hospital like you. When my sister tried to hold my horse still with rope she got rope burn.

    I started blogging this year, come visit my blog at

    Bye Bronte. Gabrielle

    1. Bronte says: Reply

      Dear Gabrielle,
      thanks for a great comment! 🙂
      My mum’s name is Gabrielle too. It’s great that you horse ride too! It REALLY hurts when you fall off on your back. When I was trying out horses for sale about 8 months ago, I tried a five/six year old gelding. When I started to trot around the horse bolted and threw me. 🙁 I bruised my tail bone REALLY badly, and missed out on almost a week of school because it hurt so much, and it was also a TWO-HOUR drive back home, and that was the most painful drive I’ve ever had. 🙂

      My arm is a lot better now, and I can ride too. I’m getting a new horse next year, but I’m just taking care of it for a year because the owner is doing year twelve studies, and won’t have time to take care of her.

      One of my horses is up for sale now, but she’s just a dressage pony, if you want to see what she looks like, use this address to get to out YouTube video. It’s my mum riding her most of the video.

      Well, bye! Sorry if I went into a horsey frenzy in this comment….. I do that a lot…. :mrgreen:
      -Bronte :lol; :mrgreen:

  4. Jess Deretic says: Reply

    hey bronte
    i know it has been a long time since you wrote this blog but it is amazing
    i once fell off a horse at wallington called sam we were doing cross contrey and i fell on the jump we were jumping and nearly broke my shoulder i lost all my confidence and dide’nt ride for 2-3 mouths
    Bye Brote

    1. Bronte says: Reply

      Hey Jess!
      OMG don’t even bring up how long I’ve left this blog for :’)
      I remember Sam. He was the chestnut pony, wasn’t he? I haven’t been to Wally in almost two years!
      I’m hopefully coming back to this blog very soon. Thank you for the compliment 🙂

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