Black Caviar!

So we all know what a race horse is… right?  Well my favourite race horse is Black Caviar. She’s an amazing horse, she’s never actually ever lost a race before.. WOW! You’ve got to at least be a little interested by that now.

So here are some facts about Black Cavier  “The horse that never lost a race, and is faster than light…”

  • After winning her 20th race in a row, Black Caviar broke a record that stood for 91 years.
  • Collingwood footballer Dale Thomas has a tattoo  of Black Caviar on him from losing a bet at a race.
  • Black Caviar was born on the 18th of Augest, 2006 at 5:20AM.
  • The amazing horse is 7/6 yo. She stands 16.2h hands high.
  •  She also loves to go swimming and long walks on the beach! (horses actually go swimming sometimes to build muscle strength.)




Bye for now!

What’s Your favourite race horse?

Have you heard of Black caviar before?

Do you like horse racing?

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  1. Echo says: Reply


    I love the picture of Black Caviar! She has an amazing story. I wonder once her racing career has ended (or has in already ended?) if she will become a broodmare- like Zenyatta. My favourite racehorse is probably Secretariat. I love horse racing and watch it on TV all the time.

    Bye for now!

    1. Bronte says: Reply

      Dear Echo,

      her race career COULD be ending after her 25 race.
      As I said in the post Black Caviar is my favourite race horse, and Secruiteriat is my second, with Phar Lap third.
      I don’t like watching horse racing on the T.V, but I love making bets!

      See ya’!

  2. Jana says: Reply

    Hey Bronte! I am in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. I am studying to be a teacher. Your blog is great and I can tell you spent a lot of time on it! I have not ever been involved with any horse racing and did not know anything on your topic. You made is very interesting. Keep up the great work!

    1. Bronte says: Reply

      Dear Jana,
      thank you! 🙂
      That’s a long name for a class, I guess that I’m just used to the normal short names in primary school.

      Be sure to try keep up with Black Caviar on the news, there’s a lot of it right now…

      Your blogging buddy,
      Bronte :mrgreen: 👿

  3. Millie says: Reply

    Hi Bronte,

    WOW! Awesome post 😛

    I love Black Caviar, she’s so pretty! ( and an amazing / extremely fast horse )

    Of course I know who Black Cavair is 😉

    My favourite race horses are 1st Black Cavair ( obviously! ) 2nd Phar Lap and then 3rd Secruiteriat.

    I don’t really like watching racing, because it makes me sad watching the horses being whipped and whipped. I haven’t ever made a bet before, but I might one day soon.

    Iv’e never been swimming / to the beach with a horse, but I’d love to take Bugs! She’s a school horse though, so I can’t 🙁

    Got to gallop,
    Millie ♥

    1. Bronte says: Reply

      Dear Millie,
      thanks for the amazing comment! Well yeah, that’s practictly the order of my favourite race horses….
      just so you know, because the horses are going so fast, they don’t really take notice if there is any pain, and when the jockeys whip them, they use more of a sliding motion, so it isn’t that much pain at all.

      Me neither! I’ve never EVER been to the beach with a horse/pony, but I just wish that I could take Brandy. Well that’s a little late now…. 🙁

      Anyway, remember when you were calling out to me at Wallington? It was so embarresing because I’m like, screaming at my mum “She’s getting really strong!!:
      Then I can just here someone calling out to me, and I was like. OK then. “hi!”

      -Bronte :mrgreen: 👿

  4. Millie says: Reply

    Hi Bronte,

    It’s ok 😉

    We must have a lot in common when it comes to race horses!

    I’m glad to hear that the horses don’t feel any pain. If they did I’m sure an animal welfare authority would do something about it. One of the main problems with racing all over the world ( that horse charities are trying to stop ) is that if the horse doesn’t win the race or the jockey / trainer isn’t happy with their progress, they will often go be slaugtered for dog food. 🙁

    I’m sure Brandy would have loved going to the beach before he got colic. Poor boy. Bugs probably would not have been the best horse to take to the beach because she gets quite wound up and spooks easily.

    When I said hi to you, I thought it was your sister yelling! Haha 🙂

    By the way, thanks for replying to me!

    Chat soon,
    Millie ♥

    1. Bronte says: Reply

      -Dear Millie,
      well thanks for the comment on my blog!
      My friend Ameilia has an ex race horse. Her name is Maggy. Her owners didn’t feed her that much so she was very slow. She was going to get slaughtered but Ameilias mum (Roxy) got her just in time. 🙂

      And last year there was a show jumping day, and one horse (Hannah) died from an accident whilst going over jump number five. 🙁 Here’s the whole story:

      On the 13/7/12, I was going to my very first competition, it was jumping. I rode a horse called Brandy. Everyone was lined up and ready for their turn. I was up and ready, the first jump was a refusal, but I got clear the rest.

      I walked Brandy in the stable and untacked him then tured him out. After the ride I was a little hungry (I got so nervous I skipped breakfast), so I got some chips from the canteen. I came back to watch the rest of the riders, then it was Jades turn (Hannah’s owner).

      She was flying over the jumps at first, but then came the double oxer. A couple of meters before the jump I noticed something wrong, she placed her ears back and went a little stiff. She was going to refuse, but Jade (the owner) pointed her to the jump (like any advanced rider would do). I was going to tell one of the people, but she was already jumping it, one leg dropped behind and the other back legs got caught in the jump. She fell to the ground head first, with Jade flying off her. All the instructers rushed over to her.
      Hannah had a blood nose, but jade was fine. After the horrible fall, Hannah was checked out by the vet. Everything seemed fine. But that night, she was put out to her paddock.

      At 5:30 in the morning Linzy (an instructer) was going to feed her horse in the paddock next to Hannah, then she noticed something. Hannah was caught in the electric fences, foam was coming out of her nose. She was dead. They got a tractor and lifted Hannah onto it. She was put into the hay shed, Jade was called up and was informed the news. She spent the rest of the day with Hannahs body.
      We think that from the fall the day before, she hit her head very hard, then that caused a blood clot sending her crazy all night and getting tangled up in the electric fence. I was lucky to go se her before she was taken away. I touched her face and it was so cold and still. I tried not to cry but had a couple drops from my eye onto her neck
      Jade decided to have her for dog food. It wasn’t the worst decision, that ment one horse wouldn’t be killed for dog food, and would live.

      It’s really sad, but she’s in a better place at least. 😥

      Your blogging buddy,
      Bronte :mrgreen:

  5. Ava says: Reply

    Hi Bronte,

    Love the choice of your post!

    I love BLACK CAVIAR. She is just so beautiful. Did you know that she is now retired? I can’t believe when I was watching the news and it said: Black Caviar has now been retired. I thought she would of bet the greatest horse that ever lived PHARLAP. I thought that Black Caviar would of bet his records. 🙁

    My favourite race horse/retired is…
    Black Caviar. I kinda gave it away so you already probably knew that.

    I love to whatch the horse riding. Especially the Melbourne Cup. Even though we are at school we still get to whatch it because the teachers put it on for us.

    Hahaha that’s funny you put the questions in the colours of peachy pink and black wich are Black Caviar’s race colours. 😆

    Got to gallop,
    Ava :mrgreen:

  6. Tessa P. (author of TessaTime of course!) says: Reply

    Hey Bronte!
    So sorry! I’ve been terribly busy with school. Lot’s of projects at the end of the year…in middle school anyways. So how’ve you been? I’m now officially a teen well 13 anyways as of the 26th of May! 😀 Though I have had 3 cats die and 2 people I know die in the last 4 months it has been tough. I must go finish some chores….boring… bye!
    -Tessa :mrgreen:

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