The… Air Show!

Hello, peeps. Well most of you know that the air show is coming up on Saturday. (Yay!) And I go there every year that it’s on, my brother wants to be a pilot when he’s older, so that’s helpfull. 🙂

For those who don’t know what the air show is, it’s this giant show at Avalon airport. There are lots of jets and palnes. There are mind-blowing acts, or just plain funny! Last time my fave plain was called ‘the jelly plain’. It had jelly beans (painted on), it looked like a toy one. The guy in the airplane was out of control (as a joke) and when the guy on the speaker said “Show me the papers for the plane” he threw them out the window! 😆

It’s really cool because I can hear and see them practicing right over my house! So I can get a ‘Behind the scenes look for free.

There are lots of stalls there too, with carvings of airplanes/jets. And you can actually go in a a jet, but they don’t get the plane going, you just learn what the buttons and all are for.

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Have You Ever Been To The Air Show?

Have You Ever Been On A Plane?

Do You Like Planes?

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  1. Jords says: Reply


    WOW! That seems really fun to go to!

    I have never been to a Air Show.
    I like planes.
    I have been on a plane to Queensland in 2010.

    Sorry I have to go!

  2. natalies1234 says: Reply

    Dear Bronte,
    I have been on a plane before when I was little but not recently. I have never heard of the Aircraft Show before until now. That is so interesting. I really want to go now. That is so cool that you can see it from your house. Also, congrats on getting nominated for the best student blog in 2010. I am trying to get nominated. Hope your blog keeps growing! Here is a link to my blog.

    Natalie S.

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