My Absolute, Complete, Favourite All Time Books Ever!

OK, so a little bit of over reaction on the heading, but at least I’m telling the truth. So I’m going to go over (what the heading said). Of course there all going to be horsey (I bet you saw that coming), but anyway. Here it goes!

  • Canterwood Crest Academy. A story about a girl called Sasha Silver and her champion horse, Charm. Sasha is the new girl at Canterwood, she’s met her new roomie, Paige;  and taken care of Charm down at the stables. All she has to do now is get used to homework (Canterwoods top priority), and move into her dorm. But she’s in for the time of her life when she meets ‘the trio’ . The trio are three girls with some serious attitude. I hope Sasha likes being teased, perified just a with someone coaching her (in horse riding),  and having hot molasses tipped on her head. If not, she will NOT be happy.




  • Wildwood stables: A girl called Taylor goes out on an animal rescue. She finds two abandoned horses, one called Albert, and the cutest little pony that gets anxious when Alberts not near. Taylor has nowhere to put them, so she sneaks them into an old stable that got shut down a couple years ago. The next day she meets Mrs. LeFluer, a lady who’s keen on re-opening the equestrian centre. They work together to get the syable good enough for borders. Albert and Pixie are the only school horses, so they try to find other ponys. In their adventures, Albert has a hit and run collision with a car, he almost got sold and he just causes trouble that includes money that they don’t have.





What are your favourite books?

Have you heard of these books?

Would you read these books?

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  1. Jordi says: Reply


    Well done with your post!

    I have never read those books but they look quite inspiring.
    Also I have never heard of those books.

    My favorite books are every horse books, and sometimes
    some blogging can be my favorite reading page on the internet.

    Well done with the post!



  2. Millie says: Reply

    Hi Bronte,

    It’s Millie from Miss Jordan’s class 🙂

    I have read these books and I agree, they are awesome! I have read up to book 5 , what book are you up to?


    1. Bronte says: Reply

      Dear Millie,

      hi! 🙂 I live for canterwood crest, espescially Sasha. In canterwood crest, I’m up to book 17 (jelousy it’s called) and in Wildwood stables I’m up to book seven.

      What’s your fave book?

      Bronte :mrgreen:

  3. Millie says: Reply

    Hi Bronte,

    My favorite book in Canterwood Crest in probably book number 5 because it was so intense waiting to see who made the YENT! Also I liked the drama going on between Heather and Jasmine.

    I haven’t read Wildwood Stables but next time I go to Geelong regional library, I’ll have a look for them 🙂

    Who are your 3 favorite school horses at Wallington Park? Mine are Henry, Sam and Bugs. Sierra used to be one of my favorites but he is retired now 🙁 And Luna used to be as well but sadly Linzi owned her and decided to sell her 🙁

    Looking forward to chatting soon,
    Millie ♥

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