Keep Fighting

Well my holidays haven’t really gone to plan AT ALL! My best friend is moving all the way to Brisbane (there will be a post about that next week hopefully). Then, the horse I treasure, learnt to ride on and love more than I do with my own pony, got colic. Colic is really bad stomach ache. You know when you get a bad tummy ache? And you feel like you could die from it (but you don’t really think that, you sayΒ it to explain how bad it is), well colic is ten times more than that, and horse CAN die from it easily.

He was laying on the ground for waay too long. A horse should only lay on the ground for no longer then half an hour, he was on the ground for over 6 hours! πŸ™ I felt so sad, I thought it was the very last time I’d see him. I spent two hours with him, trying to get him up, and I had no idea what to do. People passed in and out, saying their good-byes.

Claire (the owner of him and equestrian center) decided to put him down that afternoon. He kept fighting to get up, once his head touched the ground, he knew it was the end. Every time his head came thisclose to the ground, he used all his energy to sit up again. He was getting nowhere.

Luckily, the vet couldn’t get there, so I got a little bit more time with him. Claire decided to give him one more night. One of the instructors/helpers (Billy) stayed with him all night, to get him through the night, giving him pain killers and comfort.

The next day, he was standing up! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I was sooo happy! He was even taking some steps every once and a while. I’m the happiest girl in the world that the vet couldn’t get there that night, if she got there, he would be looking over us right now. Galloping around with his older friends that left a while ago. But he’s here, with us, then he will go to the grand place, because he’s old, looking over us.



Keep fighting Brandy, don’t give up!

If you do have any questions, you can maybe right them in a comment! πŸ™‚


But if you’re wondering about the red and blue, there the colours that Brandy and I have at comps ect…


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  1. BB says: Reply

    Dear Bronte,

    I have just read your blog and was so sorry to read about your horse. I really hope the next time I read your post your special horse will be fighting fit. I have heard that when a horse gets colic it’s pretty bad.
    Brandy sounds like a he has a very big heart, to think that he wasn’t going to make it and then the next morning he was standing that is awesome! πŸ™‚

    Hopefully in days to come he will be getting stronger and stronger every day. I really hope so. It’s awful when you have a animal which you care/love so much for ends up getting so sick.

    Take care and try to enjoy the rest of your holidays Bronte.
    From your friend,
    BB πŸ™‚

    1. Bronte says: Reply

      Dear BB,

      thanks for the comment. He’s very strong compared how he was. But still, he won’t be able to be ridden in about four months or so. When he tried to get up at one point, he was so weak he had a big THUD! on the ground, and he hit his eye really bad. He might be able to be ridden again, but not jumped. πŸ™ And that was my favourite thing to do with him.

      Oh well, gotta go to bed, ( I go to bed at 10:00 on holidays, I have a big day tomorrow, going to the Water Park with Iesha, she’s moving to Brisbane! πŸ™ )

      Your friend,

  2. Millie says: Reply

    Hi there Bronte,

    I heard that poor Brandy boy got colic πŸ™
    How is he now?

    When I had my mini pony ( Spirit ) he almost foundered ( because he was a rescue pony and his old owners just let him eat grass and never gave him proper horse food and so he had foundered in the past, and as you probably know after a horse has foundered once there is a high risk that they will get it again ). That was quite a scary experience. I also used to ride Kahlua before she left Wallington Park, and she was very prone to foundering. Prue and Henry ( other school horses at Wallington Park ) have foundered before.

    Brandy is semi retired now and doesn’t get used very much at all. He just chills out with Legend ( another retired school horse ) in the paddock and gets lots of attention.

    Has any of your horses / ponies foundered or got colic before?

    Hope to chat soon,
    Millie &hearts

    1. Bronte says: Reply

      Dear Millie,

      sorry it’s taken a long time to reply, I’ve just been to busy.
      Brandys OK, but we (wallington park staff, me) think that he has brain damadge or something, because Holly called him and he looked the opposite way.
      I only ever saw Kahlua about two or three times because I just started riding when she left (I’ve only been riding for about two years, my dad is a horse riding instructor, so he just teaches me).

      Brandy is only used for kids learning to canter or jump, he’s the PERFECT horse for that.

      None of my horses have ever foundered or colicked before, but Nim’s mum died of founder. πŸ™

      Your friend,

  3. Echo says: Reply

    Hi there!

    I hope Brandy is ok now. All he needs in some TLC and I’m sure he’ll come ’round again! πŸ˜‰ He seems like a determined horse with a strong will to live- I’ve seen horses that have survived colic and lived a fairly normal life afterwards.

    I loved your post about Black Caviar- they have made a model horse (by Breyer) of her now, and I want so badly!

    Let me know how Brandy is doing!


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