And it’s… Christmas!

Hello all of my little bloggers. As you’d know, it’s christmas! I don’t know what to start with, anyway, maybe what my holidays will be like.

Well, all I’m planning to do for the summer break is… horse-ride! I bet you knew that was coming. 🙂 With my new pony, Nim, I’m planning to take him to my friends house. She has her own pony too called, Ruby, and they have their own little space to keep the max of three horses. They’re just renovating a new house, so maybe we could stay in there too.

So here is practictly everything that I got for christmas:

  • Socks, many,many socks (I have no idea why I got that many socks 😳 )
  • New saddle cloth that’s red, for Nim of course!
  • Books, so many books, I can’t count, seriously.
  • New chaps, you wear them when you horse ride for grip, you put them on you legs.
  • A movie called Phar Lap (I love that race horse, but Black Caviar has zoomed past him already)
  • Dr Dreadful, it’s this pack where you make stuff that looks like earwax or snot, but you eat it, and I think it tastes like jelly.
  • Perfume making pack, I love the flower scented one!

And a couple more things.



With a happy and safe holiday! 🙂


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  1. Miss Kelly Jordan says: Reply

    Dear Bronte,

    Well done on being such a committed blogger this year, Bronte. I am very impressed with your efforts!

    I enjoyed your post and was interested to read about the presents you received. It sounds like you did very well! Do you have a favourite present?

    I spent the day with my family in Pomonal. There were 10 of us and Mum did the cooking with my help. We had a traditional Christmas roast lunch with turkey, pork, chicken and ham. Dessert was also delicious. We had lemon meringue pie, berry cheesecake and chocolate “christmas tree” mini mudcakes.

    I’m sure you will enjoy having lots of time for horse riding over the next few weeks!

    Best wishes,
    Miss Jordan

    1. Bronte says: Reply

      Dear Miss Jordan,

      YUM! It sounds like you were full after all that! 🙂
      I don’t really have a favourite present, I loved them all. But I really enjoyed all the sock! 😆 They’re horse riding socks, so they have extra padding and are extra long. And of course the extra extra underwear I got, my grandma slept in my bedroom and forgot her underwear 🙂

      I’m going to go horse riding so much these holidays I’m going to have to bring a pillow to school when we return! And I got and extra $60 for lessons on the other horses, if I feel like it, or save it up for the next horse.

      I remember you saying that you were staying a day in Pomonal with your family in school.

      I’m going to miss you tons!

      Your 2012 student,

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