R.I.P Aunty Shearly

On November the 11th, my Aunt Shearly passed away. 😥 We were planning to go see her in Canberra for that very last time, as she was very old. We were packed and rented a new bigger car, it just cost too much to fly. As we went to pick it up, we got a phone call from our grandpa, she passed away. 🙁

We might be going to to her funral soon, we’re still going to canberra, just to support the family.

There’s a saying, when someone dies peacefully, it hurts their friends and family more than it ever hurts them.

But she will be in a happy place, a new family probably, and our other uncle (her husband of course).

It’s not the longest post, but I can’t go on any further. 🙁


Have you ever had a family member die?

Have you gone a long way just to see a person?

I hope she’ll be happy, I don’t think that she would of wanted us to see her in a state like she was when she passed away.

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  1. Indi&hearts says: Reply

    Dear Bronte,

    it is so sad when a family member dies. You must feel so sad. 🙁 I have never experienced someone died before. I have gone a long way before to see someone. There names were Emma and Kate. And we were staying at there grandmothers house for, I think about two nights. And they had one Shetland pony, but I forgot what the name was.

    It was a three or four hour drive to the house. But it was worth it. I still love your post, even if it was a sad one. I have got to go.


    From your best friend,
    Indi 😎

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