My Favourite Computer Games and Blogs!

Well, I was thinking of my favourite computer games and blogs then remembered a new blog post was due, then I thought of this!

To start off with blogs, I like ones that are usually up to date, but like to keep reading some other posts that have been up for a while.

Here are my top 5:

Tessa Time

4KM and 4KJ

Smiling with Sophie

Skye’s Super Blog

Living with Liv

I would love to put all of my favourite blogs up, but the post would be way too long or look messy.

And my favourite computer games would be:

Howrse (it’s supposed to be spelt like that)

Andcon Arcade

Horse games

My riding stables 2 (it’s like a game on bigpond, so there’s not really a link 😳 )

10 Fast Fingers

There’s a lot more games that I like (a lot more educational games).


What are your favourite blogs/virtual games?

Do you know any of these  computer games?

Would you recommened any games or sites to someone?


Bye for now! 🙂

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  1. Iesha says: Reply

    Dear Bronte,

    I love your post! I also like Tessa time! (I’m just saying that though.) But I might do a new horse on Howrse. Mabye……

    My favourite blogs are: Bronte’s barn, Tessa time, 4KM and 4KJ, Skye’s blog and Millie’s blog. I don’t want to affend anyone because I didn’t put there name on the blog. I wish Indi and I could get a blog. I’d call mine,Iesha’s Injenious blog or Iesha’s igloo. Somthing like that.

    Well, I know I should have left a bigger comment. (I really don’t have an excuise.)

    From your best mate,
    Iesha 😀 :mrgreen:

  2. Indi♥ says: Reply

    Dear Bronte,

    I love the post on your favourite Comuter Games and Blogs.

    Some of my favourite games on the computer are:
    ♥ Moshi Monsters
    ♥ Fireboy and Watergirl
    ♥ Monster High
    And lots more.

    My favourite Blogs are:
    &hearts: Your Blog (ofcorse)
    ♥ 4km and 4kj Blog
    ♥ Skye’s Super Blog
    ♥ Smiling with Sophie
    And more!

    Well I better go now.

    See you soon!

    From your best friend,
    Indi :mrgreen: 😎

  3. Sorry it took so long to get on my blog and see your comment but I always love to see them! And I was TOTALLY but pleasantly surprised that my blog was one of your favorites. Anyways I would love to help you make a post! What grade are you in again? I am in 7th grade (middle school) and homework and soccer take up a lot of my time. I prefer weekends:) ….If you’de like, i have skype but if you dont or just aren’t allowed to, I can find a different way.

    1. Bronte says: Reply

      Dear Tessa,
      thanks for reading the post! Well, I’m A LOT younger then you, I’m just in grade four. And we do have skype, but were not allowed to use it, then my uncle has come down so that will take up some time. So maybe we could just, comment on each other’s blogs, but not approve the comments, like if I’m telling you something, I go on your blog, if you tell me something, you go on mine. Is that OK? Oooor we could maybe email each other?

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