Funny Animal Of The Week!

Now that the fortnightly animal profile is over, I’ve decided to do something new. It’s the funny animal of the week! over the weeks I will try keep up to date with this. I will have a vote on what the next animal should be, then I will try find the funniest photo of the animal on flickrCC (a website for photos).

If you have ANY questions, please leave them in a comment. 

Here is the first funny animal of the week:




 Image: ‘Don’t you Knock?!
Found on

Hope you found it funny! 😆

I found it so funny that I made a joke about it, here it is.

Lizard: “Well, I think that this toilet is pretty neat.”

Toilet Owner: “Aaaaaahhhhhhhh! Richard, it’s so ugly!”

Lizard: “Well I thought that it would be a great place to live in.”

The toilet owner scooped it out of the toilet and threw it outside.

Lizard: “Oh, you ment me, that was dramatic.”


I bet you thought that the post was over, but It’s still going! I don’t know how to put on a poll, but I’m just going to read the votes in the comments.


 Should the next animal be:

A. Dog

B. Cat

C. Bird

D. Fish

E. Horse

F. Guini Pig/Hamster


                                    Comment on:

                                  What did you vote for?

                               Do you have any pets? 

                      What’s your favourite animal?

Can you come up with a funny joke about the lizard?

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  1. Skye says: Reply

    Dear Bronte,

    You are coming up with fabulous ideas for blog posts! I think we were publishing posts at the same time because I just published a blog post! 🙂

    I vote for dog because dogs are my favourite animals. Also, they can do pretty cool tricks once they are trained. My dog Kyza is 11 years old in dog years. He can roll over and he can fight with my dad. He has to get up on his hind legs. It is pretty funny.

    I have got a horse joke and a bull joke for you.

    Here is the horse joke:
    Q. Where do you take a sick horse?
    A. To the horsepital

    Here is the bull joke:
    Q. What do you call a bull that laughs?
    A. Laugh-a-bul

    Do you get it?


    1. Bronte says: Reply

      Dear Skye,
      thanks for the comment.
      Hahaha! 😆 Yes I get it.
      I sort of skipped ahead with the fortnightly animal profile 😳 I was just supposed to be doing a draft then I accidently clicked publisg instead of save draft.
      My dog Woody is trained to do stuff to. He’s five or eight years old in human years. We got him after our last dog, Doogle died 😥 Woody was found as a stray and he had a tumer in his stomach, so nobody wanted him, he was on death row. But my mum got him just in time. Anyway, he is trained to sit, stay and lie down. When he’s in his play mood, we do something funny called rat run. He runs like a rat up and down going CRAZY!

      Your blogging buddy,
      Bronte :mrgreen: 😛 😆

  2. Tessa says: Reply

    Why hello there Howrse person um…… well any ways you may remember writing a comment on my blog and on howrse but just to say WONDERFUL blog! I’m glad i checked it out i may even put a link to it on my blog! 🙂 Talk to yah on howrse! Bye for now!

    -Tessa 🙂

    1. Bronte says: Reply

      Dear Tessa,
      thanks for taking the time to leave a comment! 🙂
      I don’t have much time, I’ve got a horse riding lesson for show-jumping.
      I’ll talk to you later.

      Bronte :mrgreen: 😛 👿

      1. Bronte says: Reply

        Dear Tessa,
        I’m finally back now, and I’m exahsted. I had to constantly kick and whip the horse that I was
        riding to get him to trot over a jump 😡
        But at the end I just got to walk around without stirrups and one hand. 🙂
        I’d put the link to your blog, but I don’t really know how to, but I’ll find out somehow. 😳

        Oh well, got to go,
        Bronte :mrgreen: 😛

  3. Iesha says: Reply

    Dear Bronte,

    I really like your post! Sorry I havn’t been blogging so much. Grandma’s computer’s internet is down. 🙁

    Well I think that lizard is prett funny! The first time I looked at it I went “What the heck is the lizard doing in the toilet?” And then I relized that there was somthing brown in there and I all most had a heart attak “The lizard made all of the brown stuff?”

    Well I vote for a horse one. I know I chose horses all the time but I really want to see somthing different. Oh, I am copying a bit here but I have also got jokes two for you. Here they are:

    Knock Knock!
    Who’s there?
    Bless you!

    How much dose it cost to ride the wild pony?
    A couple of bucks!

    I hope you enjoyed the jokes! I might see you at the competition on Friday. Guess what day your comp is on, Lightning’s birthday! Oh, before I forget to tell you, witch team did you go for in thr grand final? Because I went for the Hawks.

    From your best mate,
    Iesha 😀 :mrgreen:

    1. Bronte says: Reply

      Dear Iesha,
      I know someone that had to pay a couple of BUCKS when riding her pony. Her name is Lola, she leases a pony called Nakita, she rode her waaaaaay to much.
      Then Nakita got so fed up she bucked every time they started to canter and pigrooted every time they went into trot. But Lola just kept riding her again and again. Then she was going to ride her bareback from the paddock, then Nakita just burst. She reared up and bucked tried to bite Lola thne she fell off. She went to the docters and found out she broke her arm.
      Nakita was back up to her old farm a day after that. Now I heard her parents are going to buy a horse up to $6,000 for her. And they’re looking for a school pony mostly to make sure it’s safe. I don’t blame Nakita, she was ridden EVERY day 24/7, literaly.

      zard. People in Queensland mostly get them. In fact, when my mum was in grade five, she got up in the middle of the night to get a drink and opened her door, and relised that there was a snake on the handle! And once when my grandma and grandpa were sleeping, my grandpa woke up and turned on the fan (it was boiling that night!), about 12 seconds later they felt something heavy drop on the bed. A snake!!!

      Maybe you could bring Lightning to do the course! And if you get there early enough, you can walk the course with Amelia and Me! 🙂

      I didn’t watch the Grand finale, I’m not really interested in the footy. I don’t know what team to go for.

      Your mate that’s hoping to see at the comp,
      Bronte :mrgreen: 😛 😆

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