Animal Profile: Chester


 Sorry this one is late, the internet has been down and I coudn’t change the post 🙁

Here’s the second animal profile! This one is about my cat, Chester. I’m not so sure what his breed is, but want to. My sister and I got him for our birthday in 2011. He’s a gray and white cat, gray fur on top and white on the bottom. He even has a little gray spot under his chin that looks like a beard! I like to snuggle up to his ‘half’ coat if he comes to lie down with me. When I say half coat I mean that we got his belly shaved some time ago because it got very matted.









P.S He’s not shaved in this photo.

Chester is the first cat that I’ve ever had. At first we would’nt really allow him to go outside in the neighbours backyard because they have a dog that sounds dangerous and didn’t want to take the risk. But that was when he was a kitten, now he is a big fluffball that comes back home with wattle in his coat! 😆


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  1. Iesha says: Reply

    Dear Bronte,

    I really like the post, but my favourite thing was Chesters photo. He’s really cute. Chester looks like my grandmas cat tooties. He also has a beard like Chester. But tooties is black and very, very furry.

    No I don’t have a kitten or a cat, but we did have two: Mogsey and Normy. Mum got Mogses name from her breed wich is a Mogsey. 😀 Mogsey wasn’t as furry as Chester. She’s more short hered cat, but she isn’t a short hered cat if that makes senes.

    Yes, I do like the animal profile. As I said before I really like Chesters picture. With Arja somtimes we take her out to the park and we throw a tennis “item” to her and she fetches it, and one day (it happens alot now,) we though it to her, she chased after it but when she caught it she rolled over, it was so funny!

    Well I better leave you to it!

    From your best mate,
    Iesha 😀 :mrgreen:

  2. Miss Kelly Jordan says: Reply

    Dear Bronte,

    I really like the idea of doing animal profiles for your blog posts. I know how much you like animals (especially horses!) and it’s great to blog about your personal interests.

    As you know, I have a pet cat named Bella. She’s a cheeky black and white cat, but she is quieter than she used to be. She was a bit of a terror as a kitten!

    Bella has a strange fascination with water. Most cats don’t like water (well that’s what I’d always thought) but when I turn the bathroom tap on, she often comes bounding into the bathroom and wants to get under the running water! She’s a funny little cat.

    I can tell that you really love Chester and I am sure he loves you just as much!

    Your teacher,
    Miss Jordan

    1. Bronte says: Reply

      Dear Miss Jordan,
      well some cat breeds love water! And there is even cat swimming lessons,
      I learnt that from a show called cats 101. It’s very fasinating.
      Chester is just a little fluffball and will really only come over if you don’t encourage him.
      He’s just like a human and likes to sleep in the most uncomfterble places.

      When I say his just like a human, I mean that he does things (like knocks objects down) like us.
      He sticks his paw out and just taps it and then pushs it off the counter.
      He has knocked down coffe, water, paint, pens, food, mugs and glass cups, books and about anything that’s not too heavy.
      And in the morning he jumps up onto my desk then my bed side table and jumps onto my face and stays there. So we give him some food, and he just walks away.

      Your student,
      Bronte :mrgreen:

  3. Libby says: Reply

    Hi Bronte,

    I realy like your blog and if you have time can you please comment on my blog.

    From your blogging buddy Libby

    1. Bronte says: Reply

      Dwar Libby,
      thanks for the comment, sure I’ll comment on your blog. I’m just waiting for a new post, and I haven’t really had the time. 😳
      This is your first comment on my blog, right?

      Your friend,
      Bronte :mrgreen:

  4. Indi♥ says: Reply

    Dear Bronte,
    I like your post about Chester. I have a kitten at home. Infact I have two kittens at home. One for me and one for Tahlia. My kittens name is Tiger, and Tahlia’s kitten is named Ginger. They are both twins, but we can tell them apart.

    Sorry this is a short comment but I have to go now.

    So bye!

    From your blogging friend,
    Indi 😎

    1. Bronte says: Reply

      Dear Indi,
      it’s OK that you left a short comment, it happens (in my case, alot 😳 ).
      Yes, I know one of them, I forgot which one it was, and I found one of their collars.

      Oh well, I have to go now too!
      Chesters harrasing the dog (not just play fighting)

      Your mate,
      Bronte :mrgree: 😛

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