Fortnightly Animal Profile

I’ve decided to do a fortnightly animal profile, they’ll be on my pets or just any interesting animals.  Maybe I’ll finish it up with a competition of the most favourite animal, or an endangered species 🙂

Here is the first one.


Woody is my dog, first I will tell you his breed. His breed is a Poodle cross Jack Russel, I call it a Jackapoo.  However, we didn’t name him after Woody from Toy story, we named him Woody because of his colour. My mum bought him at a dog shelter, when they found him he was a stray. We got him because a month or two before our last dog , Doogle died 🙁


                                                Comment on:

                               Do you have any pets?

                               What do you think about the profile idea?

                              What should I do for the closing of the idea?



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  1. Iesha says: Reply

    Dear Bronte,

    I like your post its very nice. 😎
    Well I do have one pet and its a dog called Arja. I also had three fish I can’t remember there names, a cat named mogsey and a dog called Titan, but they all died. Arja is very lucky because I clean her enviroment pretty much every day.

    I think the prifile “thing” is great. Here are some questions for you:
    Wich animal are you going to pick next?
    Is it just the animals you own to put in the profile or mabey some-one ealses pet?

    From your best mate,
    Iesha :mrgreen: 😀

    1. Bronte says: Reply

      Dear Iesha,

      thanks for the comment! I’m going to do my cat next, then maybe Merry-legs.
      I might be doing someone else’s pet, I know were you’re going 🙂
      I had a dog called Doogle, but he died of old age 🙁
      Then I had a dog called Abbey, but sold her because she kept getting out of
      the fences and causing the horses to get disturbed.

      I have a job, grooming the pets. I have to groom Woody and Chester,
      it’s very important because after our cat had to get shaved, we didn’t want his coat to get matted again.

      Your best friend,
      Bronte :mrgreen:

      1. Iesha says: Reply

        Dear Bronte,

        Thanks for replying back to me.
        I feel sorry for you that you had to sell Abby and hear that Doggle died. Mum and dad had another cat (before I could remember anything,) and he was called Normy.(I can’t remember how he died but he just died, ok, ok.

        This might sound weird but I like piking up poo and cleaning out a moldy water bowl and throwing a tennis “item” and seting up jumps for my dog. I think it’s fun. I also just set up a new backyard chore list for me. Let me tell you it wasn’t the smartest move, because I only get $6 dollars a week. 🙁

        Now I have some questions for you:
        Have you seen a pet die in front of your eyes?
        What does Chester look like shaved?

        Well I better go!

        From your best mate,
        Iesha 😀 :mrgreen:

        1. Bronte says: Reply

          Dear Iesha,

          thanks for the comment! I remember who we sold Abby to, it was a little boy in a wheel chair that had a disorder.
          But he could take better care of Abby since we didn’t have the time.
          This may seem weird to other people reading this comment, but picking up horse poo isn’t that bad,
          in fact I’m always the first one pick up horse poo down at
          Wallinton Park .
          When you’re as horse crazy as I am or have a horse someone has to do it , and it might be you, so I just got used to the smell and I love it now.

          I haven’t seen a pet die right in front of me. But I have seen two dead pets. The first one was Doogle, it was very sad, and in fact I was so sad that I could’nt
          cry, and I didn’t want to look at him but made myself, knowing that it was probably the last ime that I would ever see in my life. 😥
          Then there was a horse called Hannah, she died from a jumping accident. Here’s the whole story to it.

          On the 13/7/12, I was going to my very first competition, it was jumping. I rode a horse called Brandy. Everyone was lined up and ready for their turn. I was up and ready, the first jump was a refusal, but I got clear the rest.
          I walked Brandy in the stable and untacked him then tured him out. After the ride I was a little hungry (i got so nervous I skipped breakfast), so I got some chips from the canteen. I came back to watch the rest of the riders, then was Hannah. She was flying over the jumps at first, but then came the double oxer. A couple of meters before the jump I noticed something wrong, she placed her ears back and went a little stiff. She was going to refuse, but Jade (the owner) pointed her to the jump (like any advanced rider would do). I was going to yell out stop to her, but she was already jumping it, one leg dropped behind and the other back legst got caught in the jump. She fell to the ground head first, with Jade flying off her. All the instructers rushed over to her. Hannah had a blood nose, but jade was fine. After the horrible fall, Hannah was checked out by the vet. Everything seemed fine. But that night, she was put out to her paddock. At 5:30 in the morning Linzy (an instructer) was going to feed her horse in the paddock next to Hannah, then she noticed something. Hannah was caught in the electric fences, foam was coming out of her nose. She was dead. 😥 😥 They got a tractor and lifted Hannah onto it. She was put i the hay shed, Jade was called up and was informed the news. She spent the rest of the day crying on Hannahs face.
          We think that from the fall the day before, she hit her head very hard, then that caused a blood clog sending her crazy all night and getting tangled up in the electric fence. I was lucky to go se her before she was taken away. I touched her face and it was so cold and still. I tried not to cry but had a couple drops from my eye onto her neck.

          I hope you don’t go through the same thing that I went through that day 🙁

          Your mate,
          Bronte 🙁 😥

          1. Iesha says:

            Dear Bronte,

            I’m crying now! I know I didn’t cry when you told me this the first time, but it’s just so sad! 😥 You know mabye we should stop talking about animals getting them selfes killed and all that because we are just going to cry even more. 🙁

            I’m not used to the smell of dog poo yet, but I’m getting there. (The smells awfull.) I’m not trying to be mean to you or anything but the first time you replyed to me it was really late. I don’t blame you you’ve got a pony! (Gosh Iesha don’t be stupid.)

            Your right, picking up horse poo isn’t that bad. I think it smells that good you sort of want to eat it. (No sorry, I do not want to eat horse poo. YUCK!)

            Well I’m going now so I guess I’m going to have to say…

            From your best mate,
            Iesha 😀 :mrgreen:

          2. Bronte says:

            Dear Iesha,

            I have my hands full at the moment, so I can’t keep replying to everyone on time 🙁
            I know, it’s pretty sad about Hannah, but she’s gone to a better place now.
            And her owner loved her but was all new to all the horse stuff, and the first time I saw Hannah she was very skinny because Jade wasn’t feeding her enough,
            but she got some more tips and help from the local vet and Hannah was just gorgouse after she put on some weight.

            I’m not used to the smell of dog poo at all, and don’t really want to.
            I don’t want to eat any poo EVER! No matter how good it smells.
            I think we should stop talking about poo now, it’s kinda gross, OK, a lot gross.

            I dodn’t care if I have to pick up horse poo, because I’m so used to it. 🙂

            Your best friend,
            Bronte :mrgreen:

  2. Hello Bronte

    Congratulations on getting your own blog. You must be doing some fabulous work, well done.

    Our family pet is a dog called Pippa. She is a black and white Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. We got her as a pup and she traveled with us to Western Australia. She likes the warmer weather over here.

    I loved reading about Woody. My first dog ‘Jo’ was from the animal shelter at Moolap. She was a lovely dog but sadly ran away and we couldn’t find her.

    Good luck with your blogging Bronte.

    Kind regards

    Mr Scott

    1. Bronte says: Reply

      Dear Mr Scott,

      it’s lovely to catch up with you again! That’s sad to hear about Jo,
      but those things happen in life and we just have to look past it.
      I looked at your class blog, it’s very good! And I see you’re enjoying blogging, I love it!
      Iesha, Indiana and I have become best friends and we all do horse riding.
      And about four or five months ago I got my own pony!

      Right now it’s very hot, but will get cooler during the week.
      My pony traveled all the way from the very top of NSW down to Geelong so we could have her.
      My dog loves traveling, but not for the fact that he stick his head out of the window for long periods of time. 🙂
      Once when we were going to Phillip Island and took Woody, he slept on my brother pillow then, you guessed it! He went to the toilet in his sleep!
      Then further throught the journy, my mum was tipping out his little bottle of water when the car was still going and my window was down,
      I was drenched with old dog water!

      You old student,
      Bronte :mrgreen: 😛 😆

  3. Heather Perrin says: Reply

    Dear Bronte,
    My name is Heather and I am a student at the University of South Alabama in the United States. I have been reading your blog lately. I love how much you post about all of the cool animals. I have 2 kittens, 2 dogs and a fish. I love all animals, but I do not like bugs. Anyway, keep up the good work with your blog. 🙂

    1. Bronte says: Reply

      Dear Heather,
      thank you for taking the time to leave a comment on blog!
      I don’t like bugs either, once I got a bug in my eye 😳
      Well, you know what my pets are,
      if you don’t just look at different posts on my (you’ll find out somehow).
      I just don’t have the energy to keep typing about everything,
      I’ve been dealing with my friend’s pony,
      it did not go down easy 😥 From now on,
      my friend WILL NOT be taking her pony to the paddock without an adult.

      Your new friend,
      Bronte 😛 :mrgreen: 👿

  4. jacoby says: Reply

    hey bronte how are you today.
    your post really good my favorite computer game
    is cool math . com

    1. Bronte says: Reply

      Dear Jacob/Jacoby (sorry, I don’t really know if that’s how you were ment to spell your name),
      thanks for taking the time to leave a comment on my blog! 🙂
      do you have your own blog?
      I’ve been on cool math, it’s fun!

      Bye for now,
      Bronte :mrgreen:

  5. Lin berkmann says: Reply

    Hi Bronte

    I trust you still ride and I would love to know where Sparks, the strawberry roan mare, is nowadays.

    I broke her in and started her in eventing and she will always be special to me. Love to hear.


    Lin 0488099190

    1. Bronte says: Reply

      Dear Lin,
      I have no idea who you’re talking about <3

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