My birthday!


Dear people of the world!

Well on the 24-04-14 it was my birthday! And I know it’s been a post, but the inter web has been down yet again!

So now I’m going to list what I got for my birthday!

1. I got a pair of things called gaitors/chaps. You wear them from your knee down when horse riding. They help grip with legs and help improve your leg position.

2. Rainbow loom. Well I got things called looms, they are lots of little bands that you tie together and you can make things like brackets with them.

3. BEANIES! I got lots of beanies! Beanies are my favourite type of hats, I’m always wearing them. Ask any of my friends out of school! They’re my addiction besides horses!

4. A….. PHONE! That’s it, said it, a phone! I’ve been waiting for ages to get one!

Well that’s it for now!

When is your B’day?



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The Internet is back, and a new house!

Hey human beings and people of a different life form! ūüôā Well the internet is back! *Nerdy fist pump to the air*

So I can actually¬†publish comments and posts at a normal time! ūüôā Well over the weeks my parents have decided to sell the house! I’m really happy with the house we’re leasing. My parents are going to lease it for about two years, while we buy our own land and build our own house. We’re moving in on Wednesday (12th of march.)

¬†The house we’ll be living in is actually made out of¬†hay and clay! But it looks like a normal farm-y house, there¬†are bales of straw inside the walls. The straw makes it like a natural air conditioner. When it’s freezing outside, it makes the house feel warm, and when it’s hot outside, it makes it feel cool. I’ll have to share a room with my sister *mourning by myself thinking of the dread of having to share a room* also.

We have cattle at the house, and room for two horses! So I’ll definitely be bringing Surey (my horse)¬†down and keeping her there for a while! ūüôā

We get to grow our own food on the farm-y land too! It has grapes, strawberries, corn, pears, garlic, onions, cucumber, apples, and lots more!


The only downsides are that:


  1. I’m REALLY going to miss my old house
  2. With the cattle, we have to sell them to the market
  3. I have to share a room with my little sister
  4. We’re on rainwater, which means no more long showers! No! ūüôā


The upsides are:

  1. We’ll have fresh food
  2. We have cows to look after
  3. The house is pretty big
  4. I can have Surey at home! ūüėÜ :mrgreen:


Well that’s all I’ve really got to say!

Have you ever moved houses before?

Do you like you house?

What’s you dream house?

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The internet is down.

So hi! I haven’t been on lots and LOTS, but I’m determined to keep going! ūüôā The internet isn’t working in my house and we’re getting it back soon (well, like, a month.)

I’m writing this from school, so I’ll get what I have to say out! ūüôā

Well happy new year! I’m so happy this year because I’ve got my own horse, it’s my last year of primary school! (Goodbye primary school! ūüôā ) and most of all…..

It’s the year of the horse!

I’m really enjoying grade 6 so far! The things that I’m looking forward to in school are:

Going to Canberra

Interschool sport

More homework than last year! (Not)


Well I have to go now, I’ll go on my blog as much as I can from now on! ūüôā

P.S If you leave a comment, it may not be approved for a while.

P.P.S Juddy was here. :mrgreen:





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Catch up with me! And RIP Aadessa!!!

Well I’m incredibly sorry I haven’t¬†had a new post in like, three months, but I’m back! With good news and bad news. I’m going to save¬†the bad news for last, so good news, and just catching up first! ūüôā

Well it’s my last week of school! So next year will be my last¬†year¬†of¬†Primary School! ūüôĀ My teacher next year is called Mr Mac,¬†and I’m not so scared of him so far……


My pony Nim has been up for sale, and been sold to my Equestrian Centre (Wallington Park) and is working his way up the pecking order! ūüôā

My friend got a new chestnut horse, Zepelan, and they’re very happy together.

My other pony, Merry-Legs, has been up for sale, and sold to a lovely lady called Sandra and her husband Ernie. She’s very, very happy, and just loves it at there place!

Things have been great with Brandy. I’ve brought him in from the paddock a couple times and he’s improving really well! ūüôā

Next year I’ll be taking care of a chestnut¬†horse called Surey! ūüôā She’s 15.1hh and¬†her breed is Thoroughbred/Paint/Appaloosa/Quarter -Horse, although she doesn’t have¬†spots, or white blotches anymore. When you ride her, she keeps her head down really low, so her head is about 20cm from touching the arena ground, it’s not naughty, she was trained like that, some Quarter horses are trained like that when they’re ridden. She’s not a horse that likes¬†to do much, she’s not¬†a big¬†fan of jumping at all,¬†but that doesn’t matter to me ūüôā I think I need to work on my position too, I could do with a fair bit of dressage.¬†She’s¬†just a really good pleasure horse too! I’m not into competitive riding¬†so it’s good. I won’t be actually buying her, I’ll just be taking care of her for a full year. Her real owner is going¬†year 12¬†and won’t be able to take¬†care her every day as studying¬†will be taking her life away for the next year!:)


Then her comes the sad news ūüôĀ My biggest horse, Aadessa has to be put down! ūüė• She has a disease called Laminitis. It’s gotten really bad and now her pedal bone (the bone closest to the hoof) is starting to move forward. So if she was trotting in a paddock, it could slip and go through her leg! ūüė• We’re putting her down before the worst takes over and puts her in more pain than what she really is in.

There’s¬†¬†no other horse like her, and I’m not saying that just for the sake of it. She was mistreated badly in her past, and now is VERY sensitive.¬†So if she tries to be naughty (which is VERY rare) and you¬†give her a¬†tap¬†on the nose for doing it, she acts like you’ve given her the whipping of a lifetime!¬†:)All¬†she really wanted was to be¬†ridden, she wasn’t just¬†like ‘yay another ride…..,’ it was like¬†‘YYYEEESSS!!!! DAD IS RIDING ME!!!!!!!!!’ And she’d go¬†out of our way to please us. ūüôā


So that’s all I’ve got to say!

I don’t really think that questions are necessary for this post, so bye! :mrgreen: ūüôā ūüėÜ




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Ruby has been bought!

OK guys, so I just want to tell you all that Ruby (the horse) has been…..


So sorry¬†if you were¬†planning on making an offer, but she has gone to a wonderful home. (Well, she’s staying in the same place that she’s at right now, just different owners!)

This isn’t¬†really a real post, but I just wanted to let everyone know! ūüôā

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FOR SALE: Black mare, 13.1hh

Ruby is a black mare (one white sock), 13.1hh.


Ruby is great to load and unload on the float, travels quietly and copes well in different locations such as shows and Pony Club ect…

This pony is best suited with a confident child or smaller adult rider wanting a versatile and robust allrounder.

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Price: $5000

She will be sold with all gear: Saddle, bridle, bit, rugs ect…

Victoria, Geelong. Please call Elfreda on :   0438 585 119


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Forever in my Heart, Brandy.

So, I just wanted to talk about Brandy, the horse that I learnt to ride on, it’s about time I did a dedication post for him. Just one thing before I really start the post:

Thanks for letting me do a post like your’s about the same horse, Paris!

Well, I love this horse more than my own. If I had a choice to give up riding for his life, I would. No thinking about it, I love this horse more than anything.

In 2012, he got colic. Colic is like a stomach ache that some horses get, but this type of ‘stomach ache’¬†kills horses. A horse would be VERY lucky to fully recover from it. And this amazing horse did, because he’s strong, in and out.

When I found out, I was down at the stables, grooming my own (well, family) horse. As soon as I was told, I went out to his paddock, cut through the fence and stayed with him. My other friends, and people that love him came out too, but I stayed out there for about 1-2-3 hours. We all knew he was going to die, he only kept getting worse. We tried to get him up, because he was on the ground for too long, but all he did was run back, then fall back, he didn’t have enough strength to hold himself up.

We couldn’t put him through this pain any longer, the owner of the stable called the vet, and asked to put him down. We were all devastated. But then the vet couldn’t come, because she was held up with another horse.

We gave him the night, and a miracle happened. He stood up! That ment he getting more strength! Later in the day, he could take a couple steps! Talk about miracles! Clare (the owner) called off the vet, and he kept improving!

Now he is kept in the paddock, wondering around. He can’t be ridden anymore, but who cares, he survived!

I made a photopeach about him, but I couldn’t download it to my blog, so watch it….


Please leave a comment if know/love my Brandy-Boo, Brandy-Bum, Brandy-Boy!

Have you ever lost something this special?

What’s the saddest/most tragic thing that has ever happened to you?

Did you like my photopeach? (If it worked on the link?)

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Big Jump = Broken Arm. I’m So Enthusiastic Right Now! Not.

So, I had a little accident, not pee your pants or anything, just a really bad horse riding fall!


                                                          Found on


So, my most recent fail is a broken arm. I had a little accident when jumping my horse. ¬†It was¬†three days ago. I was riding at my friends place, and I decided to go over a jump on Nim, thinking it was safe, I approached it. Next thing I’m air-born sliding off the saddle, landing on my shoulder. I was on the ground with my friend’s mum unable to get up for three hours while waiting for the ambulance! ūüôĀ¬†

 It turned out that the top of my humorous bone had snapped! I JUST slipped out of having to get surgery.

¬†After we got home from the hospital, it took me five mins to get out of the car it hurt so much! But the best thing’s that I was on the radio!¬†They were talking about how long it takes the ambulance to arrive to some patients¬†and then they started talking about this girl who fell off her horse in a paddock¬†at Swan Bay road behind a caf√©, that’s where I fell off! My friend’s mum owns a caf√© that’s at the front of their house, and it’s on Swan Bay road!

Well, the horses can’t feed themselves!

Have you ever been badly injured before?


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Can You Finish the Ending?

Halo,  apa kabar? (that means hello, how are you?)

So, in class we were reading a picture story book called “Woolves in the Sitee.” It was a good book to infer with. I found it very dark and mysterious. What I thought that would be a good idea was to¬†use the same theme as the book,¬†but turn it into¬†something with horses. Sorry if you guys are getting tired of the horses, horses. horses, but I can’t help it!

So I’m going to write about a paragraph or two, then in a comment, you can finish it off if you want. Just to warn you, there might be a lot of inferencing in the text. Inferencing means know something when it doesn’t exactly say it.¬† e.g Sarah put on her boots and coat. You can infer that it is wet or¬†raining.

I had to get away. I was pushed too far in this lesson, and in my life, I wanted to keep¬†Stormy, my beautiful black horse. I galloped towards the forest, tears streaming down my face; I had to get away from this terrible place. As I entered the forest, I waited to hear hoofbeats behind me,¬†just in case my friends chased after me. Nothing. Whew!¬†Slowly, I¬†pulled Stormy up.¬†I’m never going to leave you, and¬†I hope you’re never going to leave me. I whispered to my dark gelding

Soundlessly, I walked through the dark forest. I hadn’t noticed before that there were shadows. Shadows covered the winding path, they creeped up the silent¬†trees, and through the river. They won’t leave me alone, they’re everywhere. What have I done? Galloped through the deep dark forest, or ruined my life forever? Getting away was all I could think of right now, away from evil, closer to good. No way could I go back, Stormy would¬†get sold¬†in a flash, I couldn’t go back. Even if I wanted to, these shadows stopped me, they crowded me, and blocked my way,¬†yet they were not solid, they would not move….


Can you finish it off? If I get multiple people to finish it off, I will post my favourite, but I know whatever you write it will be good. ūüôā

What Language ¬†is “Halo, apa¬†kabar” in?

What can you infer from my text/story?

Can you  Finish off my Story?

Was my story dark?


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Black Caviar!

So we all know what a race horse is… right?¬†¬†Well my favourite race horse is Black Caviar. She’s an amazing horse, she’s never actually ever lost a race before.. WOW! You’ve got to at least be a little interested by that now.

So here are some¬†facts about Black Cavier ¬†“The horse that never lost a race, and is faster than light…”

  • After winning¬†her 20th race in a row, Black Caviar broke a record¬†that stood for 91 years.
  • Collingwood footballer Dale Thomas has a tattoo¬† of¬†Black Caviar on him from losing a bet at a race.
  • Black Caviar was born on the 18th of Augest, 2006 at 5:20AM.
  • The amazing horse is¬†7/6 yo. She stands 16.2h hands high.
  • ¬†She also loves to go swimming and long walks on the beach! (horses actually go swimming sometimes to build muscle strength.)




Bye for now!

What’s Your favourite race horse?

Have you heard of Black caviar before?

Do you like horse racing?

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